Thursday, February 26, 2009

Baby info...sorry its so late!

Here's the late update for those who don't know yet... My birthday is on the 23rd of January and I have a nephew and niece who share a birthday on the 21st of January. My due date was on the 27th of January (Tuesday). My first two boys were both due on a Tuesday and I had them the Friday before, so if the case is the same on this pregnancy I would have delivered on my birthday (sorry Nat, but I did not want to do that). BUT, I also didn't want to add a third birthday in the family on the 21st of January. I kept telling this baby he either had to come on the 22nd or the 24th. So having all these birthdays to celebrate we went to Chuck-E-Cheese for the birthdays on the 21st! We had a ton of fun. I kept track of time and telling myself I needed to make it a few more hours to get past the 21st. Keep in mind I am not in labor whatsoever. Yea I made it! The morning of the 22nd I had to get up early to get some jetBlue shifts covered. So I am lying in bed using my phone to get the shifts off and then it happens. My first contraction. I text mom and say today is the day and an hour or so text Whitney. I said I don't know the plan yet but I will call, in the meantime I am keeping track of those dang contractions. So, Whitney as wonderful as she is calls immediately. Is it time??? Whats the plan??? That then wakes up Mike. So Mike showers and I get ready and mom comes down. Then Whitney gets there to get the kids up and ready for school. THANK YOU...THANK YOU! Mike and I are out the door by about 7:30. Taking our time to the hospital we stop for doughnuts and drinks!
At the hospital.... I check in, kind of embarrassed because I know I go fast, but I just didn't know what my status was, since I hadn't been to the Dr for a week. I get checked and admitted! I have heard stories of ladies getting sent home since they aren't far enough along. I would have hated that. Anyways, knowing I have to get an IV this time and antibiotics I am prepared for a long day sitting around.
To make a long story short, everything went super well! I couldn't have asked for anything to make it better. Time went by fast trying to waste time for the meds to run the course. My Dr just happened to be at the same hospital in the OR and could make it. And finally when my Dr got there I was ready to go and I kid you not, FIVE minutes after he got to my room the little guy was born. Great delivery, maybe 2-3 pushes and this sweet little angel arrives! No problems or complications.....this is great! I can do it a million times! HA HA...
So here are a few pictures, I am a month late in posting, and feel totally guilty because I haven't gotten the camera out as much as I would like to, I will try to be a little better to get some good shots in!

~The morning of...~

~Mike and I just after delivery~

~BIG sister Morgan~

~BIG brother Jaden~

~BIG brother Britton~

~My wonderful Dr.~
Who I love so dearly and am very grateful he
delivered all of my children!


Whitney and Brandon said...

I'm glad you finally updated you blog! I actually updated today too! What a sweet little boy. We sure love him!

p.s. you need to make your pictures bigger! They are so small! :)

Lallie said...

The first time I tried to comment it didn't seem to work.. Maybe it was the same time as Whit!

I am so glad you posted this, better late than never... and what cute pictures of everyone! I agree with Whit, you need to make them bigger so we can see those cute kiddos (and their parents) :)

We love you guys!

Carrie Tidwell said...

I just never know how big they will turn out on the screen. Oh well, Next time they will be bigger!

Porter said... look great after all that! You look so skinny and you were at the hospital...except for that little basket ball you were hiding! He was little. I always have big babies! :) I am so glad it is over...I just don't think it will be totally over over! :) :)