Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I am sure alot of you have guessed, or assumed but finally the news is out! We are going to have another baby! This makes baby #4...that is scary! I went to the dr. today to make sure all is well before we head off for trek on Monday. Everything looks great. A normal growing jellybean! I have always been one to keep my secret for a while to make the pregnancy go by quicker but I just couldn't do it this time! This was totally not planned and came as a total shocker. It has taken us some time to get used to the fact, but another winter baby is in our forecast. I am due on January 27, 2009. Jaden and Britton were born the exact same timing. If that is the case with this baby, it will come on my birthday!
I do have a lot to update on my blog, I will blame it on getting pregnant as to why it isnt updated! There is a lot of fun to show off! I'll get up to date soon! I sure hope I don't go completly crazy with this last baby on the way!