Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Two....and Trouble!

My baby is TWO! I can not believe how fast time goes by. The older I am getting the faster time goes. Britton is such a loving little boy, he loves to play with his brother and sister and is starting to warm up to other kids in nursery (even though he doesn't go)! He loves to sit in HIS spot and watch Mikckymouse Clubhouse. When he gets out of bed, he comes with his blanket and pillow (as many as he can find) He still loves his binky, but is an incredible athlete. He loves all sports, and knows the names of each that he watches and plays. Every night he plays a little hockey with his dad around the house, even if the sticks are put away, he will find them. He loved his party and the fact that "diesel" came, (Mariannes dog)! He is so lucky to have such a loving family! Thank you all...by the way Whit, he is still nervous about the dinosour!